Alan Bardos

The Meiji Guillotine Murders

By Bryan Karetnyk (trans.) - By Futaro Yamada - Published 2023



The Meiji Guillotine Murders is a historical mystery set in 1869 Japan, where a civil war fought to stem the influence of Western culture ...Read Review

Act of Oblivion

By Robert Harris - Published 2022


This novel tells the story of the hunt for the regicides of Charles I, principally Edward Whalley and his son-in-law, William Goffe. Whalley ...Read Review

The Puppet Maker’s Daughter

By Karla M. Jay - Published 2022


The Puppet Maker’s Daughter tells the harrowing story of the Hungarian Jews in the final year of the Second World War. Up ...Read Review

The Uniform

By G. Gruen - Published 2021



The Uniform is a historical thriller set across Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Austria during the Second World War. It follows David Korda, a Hungarian ...Read Review

The Outfit

By David Tallerman - Published 2022



This intriguing novella is part heist and part political drama. It focuses on the event that began Joseph Djugashvili’s journey from provincial ...Read Review