Adelaida Lower

Walaschek’s Dream

By Giovanni Orelli - By Jamie Richards (trans.) - Published 2012



Forget structure; forget run-of-the-mill plots, and logic. Think James Joyce and then, if that doesn’t scare you, plunge into Walaschek’s Dream. ...Read Review

Invisible Country

By Annamaria Alfieri - Published 2012



At the end of the Triple Alliance War, in 1868, Paraguay is a devastated country. Facing a congregation with only seven males, Padre Gregorio, ...Read Review

The King’s Agent

By Donna Russo Morin - Published 2012



No task is too difficult or dangerous for Battista della Palla, Florentine art dealer, handsome thief, and agent to François I, King ...Read Review

Waiting for Robert Capa

By Adriana V. Lόpez (trans.) - By Susana Fortes - Published 2011


Biographical FictionLiterary

Almost everything in this novel violates the rules writers are told to follow. The author uses fragmented sentences, tells a lot more than ...Read Review

Love Child

By Sheila Kohler - Published 2011



After her lawyer advises Bill to write her will, the beautiful, wealthy widow sets out to examine her life and the people around ...Read Review

The War That Came Early: The Big Switch

By Harry Turtledove - Published 2011


Alternate HistoryEpicMilitary

In the third volume of the alternate history series The War That Came Early, Harry Turtledove brings us to 1940. The Spanish Civil War ...Read Review

The Green Corn Rebellion

By William Cunningham - Published 2010



Rural Oklahoma before 1920: the crop prices are depressed, tenants run most of the farms, and land speculation is rampant. With twenty percent interest ...Read Review

Queens Consort: England’s Medieval Queens, from Eleanor of Aquitaine to Elizabeth of York

By Lisa Hilton - Published 2009Published 2010



From the 11th to the 15th centuries, twenty women became queens consort of England. In her new book, Lisa Hilton, author of Athenais: ...Read Review

The Forty Rules of Love

By Elif Shafak - Published 2010



Disillusioned by her philandering husband, Ella, an American housewife, takes a job as a reader for a literary agency. Her first assignment is ...Read Review

Lark & Termite

By Jayne Anne Phillips - Published 2009



  It’s July 1950, and as Corporal Robert Leavitt commands a platoon in the Korean countryside, his thoughts wander to his wife, Lola, ...Read Review

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