A. K. Bell

The Barcelona Journal Murders

By Jonathan Coen Daifuku - Published 2015



It is 1906 and the photographer C makes a living teaching the young ladies of Barcelona high-society to take pictures – a suitably amusing skill ...Read Review

A Singular Captain

By John Regan - Published 2014



In 1518, the young king of Castile, Carlos V, decided to finance a five-ship expedition led by famous Portuguese navigator and sea-captain, Ferdinand Magellan. ...Read Review

The Infidel’s Garden

By Ingrid Banwell - Published 2015


I am not a fan of first person narratives in present tense. In my experience, few authors can deliver the richness of character ...Read Review


By P.D.R. Lindsay - Published 2014


Naive and trusting, Tizzie never questions the life she leads as unpaid help in her brother’s household. Help is not quite correct – ...Read Review

A Love That Never Tires

By Allyson Jeleyne. - Published 2014



Set in the early years of the twentieth century, A Love That Never Tires is the story of Linley Talbot-Martin and Patrick Wolford, ...Read Review

Turning Points

By Sian Turner - Published 2013


This is a coming of age novel set in the decades just after the end of WWII, with little Carys Bowen as the ...Read Review

Devil’s Garden

By Ace Atkins - Published 2009


Biographical FictionMystery/Crime

With the rash of mysteries featuring famous people as amateur detectives, I tend to sigh when I see another one, but this one ...Read Review