Remembering HNSLondon12

Philippa Gregory

For so long we were anticipating HNSLondon12, and then it all arrived in a mad, wonderful, exhausting rush, and now we are looking back on a job well done, and picking up the pieces of memory.

Below is Johnny Yates’ first teaser video from the conference – a flavour in one minute and 40 seconds. There are nearly 26 hours of footage to follow, which he’ll be shaping into manageable chunks and which we will host here on this site.

Delegates have also been writing the conference – and here are some links to their reports, and some great photos on our facebook group. Here is some general feedback and plaudits, collated by Charlie Farrow, and Lorna Ferguson’s reportEamon Griffin’sHelen Hart’s Henriette Gyland’s and Patricia Bracewell’s.

Thank you to all involved. It was a triumph.

And now we can’t wait till HNSFlorida13.




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