Odyssey of an Etruscan Noblewoman

By Rosalind Burgundy - Published 2005


With a confident tone and sense of historical context, Burgundy takes us back to the sixth century BCE into an era populated with ...Read Review


By Winfred O. Cook - Published 2011


I found Wayfarers a satisfying read, with rich detail, realistic characters, a complex plot, and, most of all, a consistent point of view. ...Read Review

Wild Rose

By Pauline Donaldson - Published 2010


  Maternal love isn’t restricted to those who carry a child for nine months, as Alice Moore is about to find out.  ...Read Review

Liberty’s Children

By David More - Published 2011



In this third novel of the Smithyman series, More has provided interesting insight into the conflicts existing in the early days of the ...Read Review

The Hidden Scroll

By Avraham Anouchi - Published 2009


Jerusalem, 1929. Palestinians Haj Amin Al-Husseini and Ahmid Ibn Najid found Bismillah, an international organization purportedly helping poor Muslims; in reality, it is a ...Read Review

The Eye of God: A Fisherman’s Tale

By Marilyn Huntman Giese - Published 2010


Biographical FictionInspirational

Simon and his brother Andrew were fishermen in the town of Capernaum on the Sea of Galilee. Simon’s wife had died in ...Read Review

A Cruel Calm: Paris Between the Wars

By Patricia Daly-Lipe - Published 2010


This well researched novel covers the years 1927-1939, a time when Paris was the cultural center of the world. Paris, still recovering from ...Read Review

The Jewess of Kaifeng

By Sophie Ferrer - Published 2003



This well-written historical adventure/romance set in 17th century. Macao and Kaifeng probably won’t find a mainstream publisher due to its unique ...Read Review

Centurion: A Novel of Ancient Rome

By Peter W. Mitsopoulous - Published 2001


Based on the disastrous foray into Germania in 9 A.D. by Roman General Quintilius Varus, Centurion shows us the campaign through the eyes ...Read Review

The Dead File

By Kevin O'Morrison - Published 2001


The author is a noted playwright and actor, so his behind-the-scenes look at the acting business as it was in the early 1950s (...Read Review