The Graces

By Siobhan MacGowan - Published 2023


1918. Mount St Kilian Abbey, Dublin. Brother Thomas is visited by Father Sheridan, who has come to speak to him about Rosaleen Moore, revered ...Read Review

The Paris Daughter

By Kristin Harmel - Published 2023


In 1939, days before Hitler invades Poland, two Americans cross paths in a Paris suburban park. Elise LeClair, on a walk to escape her ...Read Review


By Hilary Jones - Published 2022


Set during the First World War, this novel explores the horrors of war with, understandably given the writer’s background, an emphasis on ...Read Review

The Trial of Lotta Rae

By Siobhan MacGowan - Published 2022


The brewery where respectable working-class Lotta (Charlotte) Rae and her beloved father earn their living always holds a party on Halloween night. During ...Read Review

The Duchess: A Novel of Wallis Simpson

By Wendy Holden - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

At first, relocating to London sounds like a fresh start for Wallis. Finally, she can leave behind her old life in the United ...Read Review

The Book of Lost Names

By Kristin Harmel - Published 2020


The author of The Winemaker’s Wife has penned another phenomenal story set in France during World War II. The Book of Lost ...Read Review