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Miss Austen Investigates

By Jessica Bull - Published 2024



Jane Austen’s world, with its intelligent heroines, romance and issues of propriety, is blended deliciously with murder mystery motifs, resulting in an ...Read Review

Enchanted Hill

By Emily Bain Murphy - Published 2023


This mystery-romance plays out in 1930 at Enchanted Hill, the coastal California estate of publishing magnate Truman Byrd. He and his home evoke William ...Read Review

The Temple of Fortuna (The Wolf Den Trilogy)

By Elodie Harper - Published 2023


Plinia Amara has risen in the world from her humble beginnings as a prostitute in the Wolf Den (brothel) in Pompeii. Now a ...Read Review

The House with the Golden Door (Volume 2) (Wolf Den Trilogy)

By Elodie Harper - Published 2022


Ancient Pompeii comes to life in the second installment in Elodie Harper’s Wolf Den trilogy. The bustling Roman Empire city is the ...Read Review

The Second Death of Edie and Violet Bond

By Amanda Glaze - Published 2022


Children/Young AdultWestern

This historical novel of suspense provides an ideal introduction to Sacramento, California, in 1885, with the raw bustle of new American businesses, abundant scams ...Read Review

The Wolf Den (Volume 1) (Wolf Den Trilogy)

By Elodie Harper - Published 2022


74 CE. Once a doctor’s daughter before family tragedy forced her into slavery to a cruel pimp, Amara now lives as a whore ...Read Review