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The Noble Bastard: The Story of Robert Dudley

By Angela McLeod - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

While the Robert Dudley best known to readers of historical fiction is likely the Earl of Leicester, a favorite of Queen Elizabeth I ...Read Review

The Deceivers

By Bill Page - Published 2019


Roman Britain, 370 A.D. Canio, a Roman ex-soldier, has by illicit means become a wealthy landowner. When the Roman governor orders him to ...Read Review

The Year the Swans Came

By Barbara Spencer - Published 2018



In a town still recovering from the aftermath of invaders, Magrit aka “Maidy” is turning 16, an age heralding womanhood. However, birthdays haven’t ...Read Review

Captain Swing and the Blacksmith

By Beatrice Parvin - Published 2017


Since 1830, threatening letters signed Captain Swing have incited agricultural workers to rebel against landowners for implementing work-saving inventions, particularly the threshers that have ...Read Review