The Glass Forest

By Cynthia Swanson - Published 2018



Married to Cary-Grant-handsome Paul and with a new baby boy, Angie Glass lives her dream in a small town by Lake Superior. Her ...Read Review

Bachelor Girl

By Kim van Alkemade - Published 2018


The time frame of this novel spans 21 years from 1918 to 1939. The plot revolves around Jacob Ruppert, a real person, owner of the Ruppert ...Read Review

The Map of Salt and Stars

By Jennifer Zeynab Joukhdar - Published 2018


Nour, a twelve-year-old Syrian-American girl, her two teenaged sisters, and their recently widowed mother, a mapmaker, have returned to Homs, Syria, after more ...Read Review

The Last Castle: The Epic Story of Love, Loss, and American Royalty in the Nation’s Largest Home

By Denise Kiernan - Published 2017



Nestled in the North Carolina landscape near prosperous Asheville sits Biltmore, the largest home in America. (You can tour it. And you should.) ...Read Review

The Underground River

By Martha Conway - Published 2017


In her fourth novel, The Underground River, Conway tells the story of May Bedloe, the ungainly cousin of actress Comfort Vertue, who ends ...Read Review

The Necklace

By Claire McMillan - Published 2017


The Necklace, the second outing for author Claire McMillan, is a dual-period novel focusing on the wealthy and eccentric Quincy family. The story ...Read Review

Feast of Sorrow

By Crystal King - Published 2017


As a slave about to go on the auction block in 1st-century Rome, Thrasius has few hopes for his future. He hitches his ...Read Review

The Scribe of Siena

By Melodie Winawer - Published 2017



In her debut novel, Winawer scratches one of my literary itches: plague! There is rather a shortage of decent novels about the Black ...Read Review

The Good at Heart

By Ursula Werner - Published 2017


This story of the Eberhardt family, living in the small German village of Blumental, takes place over three days in July 1944; it is ...Read Review

The Kaiser’s Last Kiss

By Alan Judd - Published 2003Published 2016


“The Kaiser was chopping logs.” So begins and ends the arc of this fast-paced narrative which takes place in 1940 at Huis Doorn, the ...Read Review

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