Top Hat

Grendel’s Mother

By Susan Signe Morrison - Published 2015


The inspiration for this novel comes from Beowulf, the first great epic poem in the Old English language. I admit to having something ...Read Review


By R J Connor - Published 2015



Richard Longsword, born in Spain of an English father and Spanish mother, has risen to be a respected soldier despite never having known ...Read Review

Messiah: Love, Music and Malice in the Time of Handel

By Sheena Vernon - Published 2014


Biographical Fiction

Harry Walsh is a young boy who is pretty hopeless in the classroom and is taken out of Charterhouse School by his exasperated ...Read Review

A Destiny Between Two Worlds

By Jacques L. Fuqua Jr. - Published 2014



A Destiny Between Two Worlds is a well-researched and profound work of historical fiction about Okinawa in the Pacific War. Rich in historical ...Read Review

Gramsci in Love

By Andrew Pearmain - Published 2014


Biographical Fiction

Gramsci in Love by Andrew Pearmain is a well-researched fictionalised biography. While the main focus is on the Italian communist leader’s love ...Read Review

The Last Stork of Summer

By Mary Brigid Surber - Published 2015


Ten-year-old Ewa’s only crime is that she is Polish. When Germany invade her country in 1939 she is shipped off to a work ...Read Review

Godwine Kingmaker: Part One of the Last Great Saxon Earls

By Mercedes Rochelle - Published 2015



The scope of this book is ambitious, as it tells the story of Godwine, son of Wulfnoth, the disgraced Thegn of Sussex, from ...Read Review

The Queen of Sparta

By T.S. Chaudry - Published 2014


The Spartan Queen, Gorgo, who married her father’s half-brother, Leonidas, is an enigmatic and intriguing woman who we catch a tantalising glimpse ...Read Review

Heir to a Prophecy

By Mercedes Rochelle - Published 2014


The prophecy mentioned in the title of Mercedes Rochelle’s book Heir to a Prophecy is one that will be familiar to anybody ...Read Review

The Intended

By Sten Eirik - Published 2014



The seas around the West Indies in the 18th century have long held the reputation of risk and violence, riches and slavery. This ...Read Review