Toby Press

Aleppo Tales

By Haim Sabato - Published 2004


Short Stories

Haim Sabato, “a master of Hebrew ancient and modern” today heads a yeshiva near Jerusalem. In Aleppo Tales he presents more a collection ...Read Review

The Secundus Papyrus

By Albert Noyer - Published 2003



Albert Noyer’s second historical mystery takes the reader to the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century, where the physician Getorius and ...Read Review

The Death of King Tsongor

By Laurent Gaudé - By trans. David Herman - Published 2003


Children/Young AdultMystery/Crime

This story of bizarre family relations purports to be set in an African kingdom, but the story reads more like medieval myth. King ...Read Review

The Chimney Tree

By Helaine Helmreich - Published 2003



In 1935, a young Jewish girl enters into an unfortunate relationship with a local boy in a rural town in Poland. They secretly meet ...Read Review


By Amos Oz (trans. Amos Oz & Penelope Farmer) - Published 2003



Soumchi should be considered the definition of a novella. It’s 53 pages of compact, dazzling brilliance. It is a simple story which conveys ...Read Review

The Book of Abraham

By Marek Halter - Published 2003



The Book of Abraham begins with the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 AD as Abraham the Temple scribe and his family ...Read Review

The Wind of the Khazars

By Marek Halter - Published 2003



Half historical novel, half political thriller, Halter’s novel (translated into English for the first time) creates disturbing parallels between the 10th century ...Read Review

The Owl and Other Stories

By John Auerbach - Published 2003


LiteraryNauticalShort Stories

“A ship staying too long in one place defies the purpose of its existence. Everybody and everything connected with it becomes infected by ...Read Review

Tales of Grabowski

By John Auerbach - Published 2003


LiteraryShort Stories

The two novellas and several short stories in this posthumous collection (John Auerbach passed away in November, 2002, while the book was in preparation) ...Read Review

The House in Morocco

By Rosalind Brackenbury - Published 2003



Sarah Henderson is an American journalist traveling in France and North Africa. Before her mother who was stricken with Alzheimer’s died, Sarah ...Read Review