Thomas & Mercer

Shoes for Anthony

By Emma Kennedy - Published 2016Published 2017


The families living in a small Welsh village in the year 1944 eat and dress poorly. Eleven-year-old Anthony’s brothers work in the mines, ...Read Review

The Wilhelm Conspiracy: A Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James Mystery

By Charles Veley - Published 2016



On the eve of World War I, the British Secretary of War delivers catastrophic news to uber-detective Sherlock Holmes: a new British super ...Read Review

The Sculthorpe Murder

By Karen Charlton - Published 2016



Detective Stephen Lavender and Constable Ned Woods of London’s Bow Street Police Office arrive in a small town in Northamptonshire at the ...Read Review

The Book of Beloved

By Carolyn Haines - Published 2016



Carolyn Haines is off to a great start with The Book of Beloved, the first book in her new series, Pluto’s Snitch. ...Read Review

The Lord of Ireland

By E.M. Powell - Published 2016


In this, the third of the Fifth Knight series set in 1185, Powell’s focus shifts to Prince John, referred to as “Lackland” because ...Read Review

A Wounded Realm: The Blood of Kings, Book 2

By K. M. Ashman - Published 2016


This is the second installment of the Blood of Kings series by Ashman. I also read and reviewed the first book of the ...Read Review

Bloodlines: A Crown of Blood and Honor, Book 2

By T. K. Roxborogh - Published 2016


One rebellion is over, and Fleance, the son of Banquo, is king in 11th-century Scotland. He mourns the death of the former king ...Read Review

A Land Divided: The Blood of Kings, Book 1

By K. M. Ashman - Published 2015



Set during the reign of William the Conqueror, A Land Divided details the unrest in Wales and the Welsh Marches. English lords behind ...Read Review

Gone to Sea in a Bucket

By David Black - Published 2015



A promising new series debuts with David Black’s first Harry Gilmour novel. It’s the beginning of World War II, and young ...Read Review

House of Eight Orchids

By James Thayer - Published 2016



In 1912 in Chongqing China, five-year-old John Wade and two-year-old William, sons of the American consul, are kidnapped. They are taken by a eunuch, ...Read Review