The Borough Press

One Blood

By Denene Millner - Published 2023


Lolo and Tommy’s marriage begins with a lie, originating in Lolo’s abusive childhood, the scars of which prevent pregnancy. But it ...Read Review


By Emilia Hart - Published 2023


Weyward is a compelling intergenerational novel of female empowerment and of how far modernity has strayed from our inherent connections to the natural ...Read Review

The Aerialists

By Katie Munnik - Published 2022


Twelve-year-old Laura begs on the Paris streets in spring 1891. Husband-and-wife aerialists—Ena, and French aeronaut, Auguste Gaudron—take an interest in this American ...Read Review

Everything the Light Touches

By Janice Pariat - Published 2022



Pariat’s novel is layered through the voices of diverse narrators: the present-day Shai; Evelyn, an Edwardian with a passion for botany that ...Read Review

Plain Bad Heroines

By Emily M. Danforth - Published 2020


In 1902, two young women are obsessed with the scandalous writing of (real-life author) Mary MacLane and in love with each other. Meanwhile in ...Read Review

The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.

By Neal Stephenson - By Nicole Galland - Published 2017



In modern Boston, linguist and expert in ancient languages Melisande Stokes is an underpaid Harvard lecturer. Tristan Lyons, a physics major, military guy ...Read Review

A Piece of the World

By Christina Baker Kline - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

When young Andrew Wyeth first met Christina Olson at the door of her Maine farmhouse in 1939, she was a middle-aged spinster suffering from ...Read Review

The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir

By Jennifer Ryan - Published 2017


“There’s something bolstering about singing together.” Jennifer Ryan’s charming debut interweaves many women’s voices to create a strong chorus that ...Read Review


By Louisa Young - Published 2016



Devotion: whose, for whom, or what? In Italy, Aldo Fiori’s for Mussolini; in London, Peter Locke’s for negro jazz singer Mabel ...Read Review

Reader, I Married Him

By Tracy Chevalier (ed.) - Published 2016


Short Stories

As anyone with even a passing familiarity with Charlotte Brontë knows, “Reader, I married him,” is the climactic sentence of Brontë’s book ...Read Review