Terrace/Univ. of Wisconsin

Plum Wine

By Angela Davis-Gardner - Published 2006


While teaching at a Tokyo school in the 1960s, Barbara Jefferson receives a bequest from her Japanese surrogate mother and mentor, Michiko Nakamoto. ...Read Review

Secretly Inside

By Hans Warren (trans. S. J. Leinbach) - Published 2006


The first 26 pages of this novella consist of an introduction by Jolanda Vanderwal Taylor that sets the story in its historical context. This ...Read Review

Memoirs of a Dwarf at the Sun King’s Court

By Paul Weidner - Published 2004



Monsieur Hugues, the dwarf at the center of this tale, draws a coarse and bawdy portrait of the glittering court of Louis XIV. ...Read Review

Glimmering Girls

By Merrill Joan Gerber - Published 2005



At intimate distance, Glimmering Girls captures the subtleties of adolescent discovery, how innocence negotiates the “biological imperative.” Writing in the present tense, Gerber ...Read Review