The Pain and the Sorrow

By Loretta Miles Tollefson - Published 2017



Set in the 1860s in the New Mexico Territory, this is a fiction built upon an actual event. Gregoria is a brutalized Mexican ...Read Review

The Devil’s Playground

By Robert C. Bartsch - Published 2015



By 1860, America’s east has been settled and California’s Gold Rush is old news. New finds are petering out, so eager prospectors ...Read Review

Chief of Thieves

By Steven W. Kohlhagen - Published 2015



In September 1863, Augustyn P. Damours is on the run from the U.S. Army and the Catholic Church after conning them out of ...Read Review

Rule of Capture

By Ona Russell - Published 2015



Rule of Capture is the third book in Russell’s series featuring Ohioan Sarah Kaufman in the 1920s. Sarah works as a probate ...Read Review

Strikeout: Baseball, Broadway, and the Brotherhood in the 19th Century

By James Hawking - Published 2012


Between 1888 and January 1891, professional baseball is in its infancy. Many professional players in the National League are becoming upset with the autocratic methods ...Read Review

The Hat

By Babette Hughes - Published 2011



The murder of a bootlegger occurs in the first few pages of the book. Then, in a flashback, we meet Kate Brady, an 18...Read Review

Voices in Our Souls

By Ann DeWolf Erb - By Gene Erb - Published 2010


Biographical FictionWestern

In November 1875 James DeWolf, Army surgeon, along with his wife, Frances, arrives in Dakota Territory to join Colonel George Armstrong Custer and the 7...Read Review

Home Light Burning

By Jim H. Ainsworth - Published 2010



At the end of the American Civil War, rebels Lev and Hy Rivers return home to their family in Texas. On the way ...Read Review

A Civil General

By David Stinebeck - By Scannell Gill - Published 2009


Biographical Fiction

George Thomas, a Union General during the American Civil War, is a Virginian who decides to remain loyal to his country. His exploits ...Read Review

My Eyes Have a Cold Nose

By Elizabeth Fackler - Published 2009



The daughter of notorious sheriff Pat Garrett, Elizabeth“Gigi” Garrett has been blind since she was a small child. In 1930s New Mexico, ...Read Review