The English Wife

By Lauren Willig - Published 2018



Willig’s clever romantic mystery opens with the death of Bayard Van Duyvil, a handsome American aristocrat, and the disappearance of his lovely ...Read Review

Secrets of Cavendon

By Barbara Taylor Bradford - Published 2017


The Ingham and Swann families have intermarried and are highly cooperative in the family business ventures in the late 1940s. Each member has ...Read Review

The Italian Party

By Christina Lynch - Published 2018


Michael Messina and his new bride, Scottie, seem to have it all, as young, beautiful Americans living in Siena, Italy, in the mid-1950...Read Review

Victoria and Albert: A Royal Love Affair

By Daisy Goodwin - By Sara Sheridan - Published 2017



Having read Daisy Goodwin’s novel about Victoria and having watched the PBS series, of which this is a companion volume, I was ...Read Review

Christmas: A Biography

By Judith Flanders - Published 2017



This fascinating, if loosely-structured, study of the evolution of Christmas traditions will reward the patient reader. It brings together a wide variety of ...Read Review

Dark Winds Rising

By Mark Noce - Published 2017



It is the year 602, and Wales is not yet united. Small neighboring kingdoms fight viciously against each other. Amid this disunity, and continually ...Read Review

The Orphan of Florence

By Jeanne Kalogridis - Published 2017


It is November 1478, only seven months after the Pazzi conspiracy which took the life of Lorenzo de’ Medici’s brother, Giuliano, in a ...Read Review

The Vengeance of Mothers

By Jim Fergus - Published 2017



Legend says that in 1873, a Cheyenne chief offered a startling trade to President U.S. Grant—1,000 horses for 1,000 white women willing to marry ...Read Review

The Hidden Light of Northern Fires

By Daren Wang - Published 2017



Although the time span of this novel is the six years of the Civil War era, it has the feel of much longer ...Read Review

Glass Town

By Steven Savile - Published 2017


Historical Fantasy

This is a strange novel, a fantasy set in the 1920s and the 1990s. The story involves two brothers who both love the ...Read Review