Malcolm and Me

By Robin Farmer - Published 2020


Children/Young Adult

In 1974 Philadelphia, thirteen-year-old Roberta Forest calls Thomas Jefferson a hypocrite for being a slaveowner, and her eighth-grade teacher, Sister Elizabeth, retaliates by telling ...Read Review

Child Bride: A Novel

By Jennifer Smith Turner - Published 2020


Turner, a poet, has written a lovely coming-of-age novel centered on Nell Jones, 16, the youngest child of twelve in an impoverished African American ...Read Review

The Takeaway Men

By Meryl Ain - Published 2020


The Takeaway Men begins with Edyta, a Catholic teenager, busy smuggling Jewish toddlers out of the Kielce (Poland) ghetto to the safety of ...Read Review

Seventh Flag

By Sid Balman Jr. - Published 2019


Four generations of two families from a small Texas town interact across time, beginning in 1948 and continuing to the 2000s, as well as ...Read Review

Sarah’s War

By Eugenia Lovett West - Published 2019


In 1777 an embryonic America is fighting a seemingly doomed battle for its existence. Seventeen-year-old fervent patriot Sarah Champion is sent from her Connecticut ...Read Review

Peccadillo at the Palace: An Annie Oakley Mystery

By Kari Bovée - Published 2019



Second in a promising new amateur sleuth series, Peccadillo at the Palace gets off to a racing start aboard ship with a series ...Read Review

The House Children: A Novel

By Heidi Daniele - Published 2019


In early 1940s Ireland, six-year-old Mary Margaret Joyce is sentenced by a judge to nine years in The Certified Industrial School in Ballinasloe. ...Read Review

Girl with a Gun

By Kari Bovée - Published 2018



The first of Bovée’s new mystery series features 15-year-old Annie Oakley as its sleuth. We find Annie at the beginning of ...Read Review

Trouble the Water

By Jacqueline Friedland - Published 2018


Charleston, South Carolina, is a colorful place in 1845: a bustling harbor, beautiful flowers and orchards, young women in bright dresses. What strikes teenager ...Read Review

A Dangerous Woman from Nowhere

By Kris Radish - Published 2017



Briar Logan has survived trauma upon trauma in her past. But now the pioneer woman has a good life in the Old West, ...Read Review