Simon & Schuster

Code Of The West

By Aaron Latham - Published 2001



The Arthurian legend retold, this sweeping saga becomes Camelot in Texas. Fate rescues Jimmy Goodnight (King Arthur) from the Comanches who savaged his ...Read Review

Boone’s Lick

By Larry McMurtry - Published 2000



Boone’s Lick is the small settlement in Missouri where 15- year-old Shay Cecil (who narrates the story) grew up in the 1860s, ...Read Review

Fire On The Waters: A Novel War of the Civil War at Sea

By David Poyer - Published 2001



Fans of contemporary naval fiction are undoubtedly familiar with David Poyer. His The Med, The Gulf, Tomahawk, and others follow the careers and ...Read Review

Two o’Clock, Eastern Wartime: A Novel

By John Dunning - Published 2001Published 2001-01-01



Beyond his several authorial specialties, mystery-suspense writer and antiquarian book dealer John Dunning is perhaps even more renowned as one of the country’...Read Review

Beulah Hill

By William Heffernan - Published 2001



The subject of rural race relations with its undercurrents of mob violence, police brutality, and class conflict is usually assumed to belong in ...Read Review

Unwise Passions: A True Story of a Remarkable Woman– and the First Great Scandal of Eighteenth-Century America

By Alan Pell Crawford - Published 2000



Unwise Passions is an engaging, thought-provoking biography that provides fascinating insight into an old scandal that wreaked havoc among several of the oldest ...Read Review

A Twist at the End: A Novel of O’Henry

By Steven Saylor - Published 2000



Jack the Ripper is arguably the most notorious serial killer of all time, fictional and non-fictional. And yet “The Servant Girl Annihilator” of ...Read Review

American By Blood

By Andrew Huebner - Published 2000


Biographical FictionMilitaryWestern

First, the bad news about this first novel. Dealing with the aftermath of Custer’s disaster at the Little Big Horn, in 1876, and ...Read Review

The Waters of Babylon: A Novel about Lawrence after Arabia

By David Stevens - Published 2000


Biographical Fiction

T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) easily qualifies as one of the most fascinating and controversial military figures in Britain’s long history ...Read Review