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That Bonesetter Woman

By Frances Quinn - Published 2022


London, 1757, and two very different sisters arrive on the stagecoach from Sussex. Endurance (‘Durie’) is strong and big-boned, while petite Lucinda cherishes acting ...Read Review

The Language of Food (UK) / Miss Eliza’s English Kitchen (US)

By Annabel Abbs - Published 2022


Biographical Fiction

It’s not often you find a book that’s a real feast, but this is one of them. Annabel Abbs’ novel is ...Read Review

A Songbird in Wartime

By Karen Dickson - Published 2021



Emily Rose Baker is just seven years old when her mother dies in childbirth in 1923, and she is brought up by her farm ...Read Review

The Visitors

By Caroline Scott - Published 2021


Like many women in the 1920s, Esme Nicholls is grieving for her husband, killed in the First World War. The chance to spend ...Read Review

Hotel Portofino

By J. P. O'Connell - Published 2022


This drama set in a posh hotel in Portofino, Italy, successfully mixes the flavors of an Edwardian novel with Upstairs, Downstairs tensions and ...Read Review

The Stranger From Berlin

By Melissa Amateis - Published 2021



As Amateis describes in her notes, the idea for this novel came from her research into anti-German sentiment in the U.S. during ...Read Review

Miss Eliza’s English Kitchen (US/CAN) / The Language of Food (UK)

By Annabel Abbs - Published 2021


The author’s love of old cookbooks has inspired a delightful imagining of the origins of the first truly famous English recipe book, ...Read Review

A Fine Madness

By Alan Judd - Published 2021



At the beginning of the reign of King James I, the ageing Thomas Phelippes, a talented decipherer once employed by Sir Francis Walsingham, ...Read Review

The Dressmaker’s Secret

By Karen Dickson - Published 2021



Born to an unmarried mother, Lily Hayter has never lacked for love from her adopted parents and her brother Charlie. When she is ...Read Review

The Smallest Man

By Frances Quinn - Published 2021


Nat Davy is ten when he discovers that, not only is he smaller than the other boys in his village, but that he ...Read Review

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