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Freedom Lessons: A Novel

By Eileen Harrison Sanchez - Published 2019


Told in alternating viewpoints, this impressive novel reaches back in time to the early days of school integration, and to a place in ...Read Review

Shrug: A Novel

By Lisa Braver Moss - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

Martha Goldenthal lives in Berkeley, California, in the 1960s. She’s got a nervous twitch—a shrug—symptomatic of her low self-opinion. The ...Read Review

Moon Water

By Pam Webber - Published 2019



This is a lovely coming-of-age story set in central Virginia during the summer of 1969.  Nettie, age 16, and Win are best friends.  They spend ...Read Review

Guesthouse for Ganesha

By Judith Teitelman - Published 2019



In 1923, Esther Grünspan settles in Köln from Poland.  She has been jilted on her wedding day, and the betrayal of love ...Read Review

Don’t Put the Boats Away

By Ames Sheldon - Published 2019



This saga about the Sutton family spans the years from the end of World War II to 1971. Tragedy had struck with the death ...Read Review

A Veil Removed: A Henrietta and Inspector Howard Novel

By Michelle Cox - Published 2019



Fourth in the Henrietta and Inspector Howard Series, A Veil Removed returns readers to 1930s Chicago and its posh North Shore suburbs. The ...Read Review

The Fourteenth of September

By Rita Dragonette - Published 2018


Judy Talton is a sophomore at Central Illinois University in 1969. She’s from a small town in Illinois, from a family that had ...Read Review

The Cards Don’t Lie

By Sue Ingalls Finan - Published 2018


This novel covers the run-up to and the Battle of New Orleans between British redcoats and the rag-tag forces of General Andrew Jackson. ...Read Review

Vintner’s Daughter

By Kristen Harnisch - Published 2014Published 2014-08-05



Harnisch’s satisfying first novel draws readers into two glorious locations, France’s Loire Valley and California’s Napa Valley, with an intermediary ...Read Review