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A Spying Eye (A Henrietta and Inspector Howard Novel, 6)

By Michelle Cox - Published 2022



1930s Europe finds Chicagoans Clive and Henrietta Von Harmon returning to London, where they encounter an old friend, Inspector John Hartle. Hitler’s ...Read Review

Hardland: A Novel

By Ashley E. Sweeney - Published 2022



Countering the notion that a Western is usually a genre book for relaxed reading, Hardland portrays the reality of working women in Arizona ...Read Review

’Til All These Things Be Done

By Suzanne Moyers - Published 2022



On a hot Texas day in 1918, everything changes for Leola Rideout when her father is in a tragic accident. Disabled, he’s unable ...Read Review

Life Dust

By Pam Webber - Published 2022


This novel is a testament to the heroes of the Vietnam War and an eye-opening experience for readers. Our story opens in 1971 in ...Read Review

Long Shadows

By Abigail Cutter - Published 2022


This U.S. Civil War novel unfolds a Confederate infantryman’s story within a boldly unique supernatural structure. Tom Smiley has been dead ...Read Review

Lost Souls of Leningrad

By Suzanne Parry - Published 2022



Set in 1941 Leningrad, this tension-filled, well-crafted WWII historical novel tells the harrowing story of Sofya Karavayeva, a widowed violinist, and Yelena, her spirited, ...Read Review

Rebecca of Salerno: A Novel of Rogue Crusaders, a Jewish Female Physician, and a Murder

By Esther Erman - Published 2022


Salerno, Sicily, 1205 CE: Rebecca, a Jewish woman who escaped England after her rescue by the knight Ivanhoe, has settled in Salerno, where Jews, ...Read Review

The Portraitist: A Novel of Adelaide Labille-Guiard

By Susanne Dunlap - Published 2022


Biographical Fiction

This is a novel about the career of pioneering female painter Adélaïde Labille-Guiard, who was starting to rise in the French ...Read Review

The Valley (The Druid Chronicles, 2)

By A. M. Linden - Published 2022


In Linden’s fictional eighth-century Britain, Saxon Christians dominate while descendants of Celtic Druids survive in the secluded valley of the title. Set ...Read Review

Winter’s Reckoning

By Adele Holmes - Published 2022


In the fall of 1917, Maddie Fairbanks lives in a small town in Southern Appalachia, where she is known as a healer. She is ...Read Review

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