She Writes Press

Prospects of a Woman

By Wendy Voorsanger - Published 2020


Elisabeth Parker and her husband Nate leave Concord, Massachusetts for Gold Rush-era California in search of her estranged father, who the newlyweds hope ...Read Review

The Green Lace Corset: A Novel

By Jill G. Hall - Published 2020



Told in parallel narratives, this is the story of two women, one an artist in modern-day San Francisco and the other a hostage ...Read Review

The Lines Between Us: A Novel

By Rebecca D'Harlingue - Published 2020


The Lines Between Us is a multi-period debut, beginning in Madrid in 1660 and partly told in epistolary form through diaries and letters. The ...Read Review

Toward That Which is Beautiful: A Novel

By Marian O'Shea Wernicke - Published 2020


In 1964 a surprising number of American Catholic girls decide to go into the convent to become missionary nuns. Mary Katherine “Kate” O’Neill ...Read Review

Wolf Den Hollow: A Novel

By Donna Murray - Published 2020


In the Ozarks, around the turn of the 20th century, a young Cherokee woman, Sila, is fleeing her abusive husband, desperate enough to ...Read Review

Talland House: A Novel

By Maggie Humm - Published 2020



This first novel by internationally known Virginia Woolf scholar Maggie Humm expands the vision of Woolf’s novel To the Lighthouse. Humm presents ...Read Review

The Mill of Lost Dreams: A Novel

By Lori Rohda - Published 2020



The immigrants and disadvantaged who worked in the mills in 19th-century America faced long hours and difficult working conditions. Troy Mill in Fall ...Read Review

Stitching a Life: An Immigration Story

By Mary Helen Fein - Published 2020


Children/Young Adult

Stitching a Life begins in Lithuania, in 1900, where Max, the oldest son of a Jewish family is about to turn 12. When the Russian ...Read Review

Estelle: A Novel

By Linda Stewart Henley - Published 2020


The art world is not notable for instant success – we’ve all praised debut novels, but have you ever heard of an amazing ...Read Review

The Aloha Spirit

By Linda Ulleseit - Published 2020


Spanning almost thirty years in the 20th century, The Aloha Spirit follows the life of Dolores. She is left behind on the Big ...Read Review