An Elegant Woman

By Martha McPhee - Published 2020


Needing money to fund their mother’s long-term care, Isadora and her sisters meet at their family home to prepare for its sale. ...Read Review

Feast Your Eyes

By Myla Goldberg - Published 2019



Lillian Preston is a woman driven to capture her unique world vision through the lens of her camera. In 1953, the seventeen-year old abandons ...Read Review


By Carys Davies - Published 2018



This slim volume houses a simple “journey” plot within an incredibly nuanced presentation. Sometime after the Lewis and Clark Expedition, widower Cyrus Bellman ...Read Review

The Verdun Affair

By Nick Dybek - Published 2018



This novel switches back and forth between California in 1950 and France and Italy as they recover from war in 1921. The title refers to ...Read Review

Dear Mrs Bird

By A. J. Pearce - Published 2018


London, 1942. Emmy Lakes is an eager young woman who aspires to be a journalist tackling the hard issues of the day. She shares ...Read Review

American Histories

By John Edgar Wideman - Published 2018


LiteraryShort Stories

In his new short story collection, American Histories, John Edgar Wideman explores current situations by delving into the past, a sort of marriage ...Read Review

Manhattan Beach

By Jennifer Egan - Published 2017


The latest book by Pulitzer Prize-winner Jennifer Egan is quite a change from A Visit from the Goon Squad. In Manhattan Beach, the ...Read Review

The Rules of Magic

By Alice Hoffman - Published 2017


This prequel to Hoffman’s famous Practical Magic portrays the story of the Aunts and their intriguing past. Franny, Bridget (Jet), and Vincent ...Read Review

Devastation Road

By Jason Hewitt - Published 2016Published 2017



As the title suggests, Devastation Road is an intense, often surreal account of a man’s wartime journey and its aftereffects. Owen is ...Read Review

Mothering Sunday

By Graham Swift - Published 2016Published 2017



Despite the title, Mothering Sunday is lacking in mothers. It is the story of what a young housemaid and orphan, Jane Fairchild, chooses ...Read Review

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