By Carys Davies - Published 2024



It is 1843, and John Ferguson, an impoverished minister of the newly established Free Church of Scotland, is forced to take any work he ...Read Review

Let Us Descend

By Jesmyn Ward - Published 2023



Young Annis, an enslaved girl in the antebellum South, meets a series of misfortunes and is thrust into ever more hellish circumstances in ...Read Review

Cahokia Jazz

By Francis Spufford - Published 2023


Alternate HistoryLiteraryMystery/Crime

It is 1922, and in a mythical city in the Midwestern United States an Aztec-style murder has been discovered on a rooftop. This sets ...Read Review

The Glutton

By A. K. BLAKEMORE - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

France, 1798: A patient presents himself at a public hospital in a wretched, moribund condition, claiming to have swallowed a golden fork that tears ...Read Review

Lady Tan’s Circle of Women

By Lisa See - Published 2023


No mud, no lotus. This aphorism captures the essence of Lisa See’s latest novel: pithy, yet entertaining; thought-provoking, yet down-to-earth; dark, yet ...Read Review

Mrs. Porter Calling (The Emmy Lake Chronicles)

By AJ Pearce - Published 2023


Mrs. Porter Calling is the latest addition to AJ Pearce’s humorous, touching Emmy Lake Chronicles, and it fully lives up to its ...Read Review

The Witching Tide

By Margaret Meyer - Published 2023


September 1645 brings trouble to the East Anglia village of Cleftwater. After several women are accused of witchcraft, Martha, a midwife, is assigned to ...Read Review

Lost Believers

By Irina Zhorov - Published 2023



Sometime after Stalin’s death, in the slow warming of Soviet society, a worn woman, Agafia, walks the Siberian taiga. It had been ...Read Review

The New Life

By Tom Crewe - Published 2023



London in the final decade of the 19th century. In his debut novel, Tom Crewe focuses on the restrictions and judgments of late ...Read Review

The East Indian

By Brinda Charry - Published 2023


The author, a Renaissance scholar, fills an important gap in colonial American history by allowing us to see 1630s Virginia through the eyes ...Read Review

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