Scribner (UK)

The Island of Sea Women

By Lisa See - Published 2019



Life for women in Jeju, a remote Korean island, is very different than in other places. Here women are the breadwinners, working outside ...Read Review

Work Like Any Other

By Virginia Reeves - Published 2016



Roscoe Martin is infatuated with two things: his wife and electricity. Both end up ruining him as a husband and father, and destroy ...Read Review

Shadow Without a Name

By Ignacio Padilla - Published 2003



Two men play chess on a train bound for the eastern front in 1914. The loser will serve as a soldier in a doomed ...Read Review

The Human Pool

By Chris Petit - Published 2002Published 2003 (UK)


Biographical FictionMilitaryTime-slip

If you enjoy assembling really big jigsaw puzzles with really small pieces, you may enjoy this book. Told entirely first person by a ...Read Review