Scribner (UK)

Lady Tan’s Circle of Women

By Lisa See - Published 2023


No mud, no lotus. This aphorism captures the essence of Lisa See’s latest novel: pithy, yet entertaining; thought-provoking, yet down-to-earth; dark, yet ...Read Review

Hang the Moon

By Jeannette Walls - Published 2023


The plot of this Prohibition-era tale borrows heavily from the real-life history of the Tudor court. The Elizabeth I figure is the spunky ...Read Review

Here We Are

By Graham Swift - Published 2020


Historical Fantasy

Set during the summer of 1959 in the seaside town of Brighton, England, this novel tells the story of three main characters. Jack Robinson ...Read Review

The Abstainer

By Ian McGuire - Published 2020



Following the success of his second novel, The North Water, Ian McGuire returns with the page-turning tale of two Irishmen in 1860s Manchester, ...Read Review

The World That We Knew

By Alice Hoffman - Published 2019



Magical realism combines with fairy tale in this story of young adults facing death and torture at the hands of the Nazis during ...Read Review

The Island of Sea Women

By Lisa See - Published 2019



Life for women in Jeju, a remote Korean island, is very different than in other places. Here women are the breadwinners, working outside ...Read Review

Work Like Any Other

By Virginia Reeves - Published 2016



Roscoe Martin is infatuated with two things: his wife and electricity. Both end up ruining him as a husband and father, and destroy ...Read Review

Shadow Without a Name

By Ignacio Padilla - Published 2003



Two men play chess on a train bound for the eastern front in 1914. The loser will serve as a soldier in a doomed ...Read Review

The Human Pool

By Chris Petit - Published 2002Published 2003 (UK)


Biographical FictionMilitaryTime-slip

If you enjoy assembling really big jigsaw puzzles with really small pieces, you may enjoy this book. Told entirely first person by a ...Read Review