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The Lionheart’s Bride (Berengaria of Navarre Medieval Trilogy)

By Austin Hernon - Published 2023


AdventureBiographical Fiction

This 12th-century historical adventure follows Princess Berengaria on her quest to catch up with and marry Richard I, King of England, as he ...Read Review

Shades of Death: Murder at the Court of Elizabeth I (Catrin Surovell Tudor Mysteries)

By Angela Ranson - Published 2023



Queen Elizabeth is no stranger to gossip or court intrigue, but in 1560, barely two years after taking the throne, her romantic attachment to ...Read Review

Brotherhood of Wolves (Knights Templar Thrillers)

By Daniel Colter - Published 2023



What price revenge? This first book in a new series examines the question in the context of the Templar knights on Crusade in ...Read Review

Death of a Lady (Jane Austen Investigations)

By Laura Martin - Published 2023



Miss Jane Austen is the unmarried daughter of a respectable clergyman, not yet the famous author she will come to be in the ...Read Review

Legionary (Quintus Roman Thrillers)

By Neil Denby - Published 2023



Legionary, first in a series, follows the coming of age of Julius Quintus Quirinius, a young legionary assigned to the Ninth Hispania. It ...Read Review

Omens of Death (Basilica Diaries Medieval Mysteries)

By Richard Kurti - Published 2023



Kurti has chosen 1497 Rome in which to base the first of his Basilica Diaries Medieval Mysteries, which incorporate major historical events. In the ...Read Review

Death of a Poet (Ancient Egypt Murder Mysteries)

By Keith Moray - Published 2022



This first mystery in a new series takes us on an immersive visit to third-century BCE Egypt, a place the author shows us ...Read Review

The Mystery of Rufford Abbey

By Stephen Taylor - Published 2022



Most of this psychological thriller takes place in modern-day Nottinghamshire amid abductions of women. The novel follows a team of police detectives as ...Read Review

My Lady’s Shadow

By Coirle Mooney - Published 2022


Set in late 12th-century France, this is the third installment in the Medieval Ladies series. Lady Maria of Turenne is a fickle young ...Read Review

Troubled Queen (The Marwood Family Tudor Saga)

By Amy Licence - Published 2022



Troubled Queen is the second in the Marwood Family (Tudor) Saga, in which second oldest daughter, Thomasin, is lady-in-waiting to Queen Catherine. It ...Read Review

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