Robert Hale

The Lambs

By Peter James Cottrell - Published 2014



Dublin, September 1914. Nineteen-year-old Kevin Flynn hates his job, which he finds dull and boring. Along with a group of his friends, and desperate ...Read Review

Divided Loyalty

By Roberta Grieve - Published 2014



Cecelia is a young woman in wartime England who lives on a farm and works in an office in the nearby town. Her ...Read Review

Autumn Softly Fell

By Dominic Luke - Published 2013


Although very different, this book is obviously inspired by Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden, with an abandoned heroine of eight becoming ...Read Review

Operation Kingfisher

By Hilary Green - Published 2013


Operation Kingfisher was an escape line organised by the French Resistance in WW2 to smuggle downed Allied airmen to Spain via the French ...Read Review

To Dream Again

By Jeanne Whitmee - Published 2013


With a bright, noisy start on Liverpool Street station in London at the start of WW2, we see the bustling crowds as Judy ...Read Review


By E. V. Thompson - Published (c1991)Published 2013



I have always enjoyed E.V.Thompson’s books, and this one did not disappoint. The story starts in 1817 just as the Scottish ...Read Review

A Crown of Despair

By Jenny Mandeville - Published 2012


I was rather surprised to find myself enjoying this novel, as it is written in the first-person present tense, with multiple viewpoints – three ...Read Review

Murder in Montague Place

By Martyn Beardsley - Published 2012



This is the first adult novel by Martyn Beardsley, a prolific children’s author. Set in the Victorian world of the recently formed ...Read Review

Sherlock Holmes and the Knave of Hearts

By David Whitehead - By Steve Hayes - Published 2013



Sherlock Holmes has fallen into depression and is abusing his cocaine habit. When Dr Watson insists that Holmes take a holiday, arrangements are ...Read Review

The Toll of the Sea

By Theresa Murphy - Published 2013



Joby Lancer is the only survivor from the terrible shipwreck which claims the lives of over 400 men, women and children, but what or ...Read Review