The Swan Gondola

By Timothy Schaffert - Published 2014



The World’s Fair of 1898 was the biggest thing to ever hit the Western town of Omaha. The Fair was held in conjunction ...Read Review

The Entertainer: Movies, Magic, and My Father’s Twentieth Century

By Margaret Talbot - Published 2013



The Entertainer could be described as the biography of an actor who never quite made it. But Lyle Talbot’s journey from hypnotist’...Read Review

Sweet Thunder

By Ivan Doig - Published 2013



Ivan Doig’s third historical novel featuring erudite con man Morrie Morgan finds our hero in 1921 Butte, Montana, back from his year-long honeymoon ...Read Review


By Jillian Cantor - Published 2013


Alternate History

Margie Franklin prefers to live a quiet and solitary life. She works as a secretary in a Philadelphia law firm and doesn’t ...Read Review

The Good Lord Bird

By James McBride - Published 2013


Was John Brown a terrorist, martyr, hero, lunatic, saint or deluded fool? After reading The Good Lord Bird I would still hesitate to ...Read Review

The Movement of Stars

By Amy Brill - Published 2013


At the age of 24, Hannah Gardner Price is not conforming to the expectations of her Nantucket community. Women in 1845, especially Quakers, are raised ...Read Review

The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls

By Anton DiSclafani - Published 2013


During the Great Depression, a wealthy family is shattered by a daughter’s indiscretion, and as a result she is sent away to ...Read Review

The Painted Girls

By Cathy Marie Buchanan - Published 2013


Cathy Marie Buchanan (The Day the Falls Stood Still) delivers a stunning novel of 19th-century Paris that will live in readers’ memories long ...Read Review

The Neruda Case

By Roberto Ampuero - Published 2012



Cayetano Brule is unemployed with a marriage in crisis but still determined to live his own life, no longer being dictated to by ...Read Review

The Bartender’s Tale

By Ivan Doig - Published 2012



Doig’s latest (after Work Song, 2010) is a compassionate coming-of-age story, in which a few years in a boy’s life, as remembered ...Read Review