Regal House Publishing

Into the Unbounded Night

By Mitchell Kaplan - Published 2020


Rome is falling from the edges inward and from the core out. The moral lessons for our own time of a falling empire ...Read Review

Hunting Teddy Roosevelt

By James Ross - Published 2020


In 1909, Teddy Roosevelt has already completed two successful terms as U.S. President and has almost reluctantly decided not to seek a third ...Read Review

Monarchs Under the Sassafras Tree

By Lillah Lawson - Published 2019


OT and his identical twin Walt are teenage orphans under the care of their older sister in hardscrabble Georgia cotton-farming country early in ...Read Review

The Wild Impossibility

By Cheryl A. Ossola - Published 2019


Few jobs are as stressful as that of a nurse in a neonatal ICU, and in February 2011, Kira is maxed out by her ...Read Review

What Empty Things Are These

By J.L. Crozier - Published 2018


In this Victorian novel, there are few good men, and they barely speak. Adelaide Hadley lives an upper middle-class existence: decent food, good ...Read Review

La Luministe

By Paula Butterfield - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

Berthe Morisot meets Édouard Manet at age 17, while she and her sister are copying master works in the Louvre. This begins and an ...Read Review