Random House

In the Name of the Family

By Sarah Dunant - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

Sarah Dunant is obsessed with the Borgias. But it’s a good obsession. The Borgias are the family we love to hate. They’...Read Review

The Whole Town’s Talking

By Fannie Flagg - Published 2016


In 1880 Lordor Nordstrom is 28 when he hears of cheap American farmland for sale. He has little chance of owning a farm in Sweden, ...Read Review

A Hero of France

By Alan Furst - Published 2016



German-occupied Paris, March 10th, 1941. The novel opens with Mathieu, head of a Resistance cell, and through his eyes we see the silent streets ...Read Review

Full of Beans

By Jennifer L. Holm - Published 2016


Children/Young Adult

This story is set during the Great Depression in Key West, Florida. Beans Curry, along with his pals Pork Chop, Kermit, and Too ...Read Review

The Last Days of Night

By Graham Moore - Published 2016


One billion dollars. That’s the value of electric light in 1888. Or, that’s the staggering sum for which Thomas Edison is suing ...Read Review

The House at the Edge of Night

By Catherine Banner - Published 2016



An island can be a secluded place of refuge. For those who spend their lives there, islands can also turn claustrophobic and isolating. ...Read Review

The Ballroom

By Anna Hope - Published 2016Published 2016-09-06


It is the long hot summer of 1911, and Dr Charles Fuller works as a First Medical Officer at the Sharston Lunatic Asylum in ...Read Review

Miller’s Valley

By Anna Quindlen - Published 2016


The latest novel from bestselling author and stellar columnist Anna Quindlen, Miller’s Valley begins in the 1960s, when protagonist Mimi Miller is ...Read Review

The Summer Before the War

By Helen Simonson - Published 2016


The highly capable and well-educated Beatrice Nash arrives in the coastal village of Rye in Sussex, England, to take up her new post ...Read Review

West of Eden: An American Place

By Jean Stein - Published 2016



This is the book for anyone who needs to be reminded that money does not buy happiness. In fact, the lesson taught by ...Read Review