Nefertiti: A Novel

By Michelle Moran - Published 2007


Biographical FictionRomance

Nefertiti is chosen to marry Amunhotep IV, heir to the throne ofEgypt, and her future of power and wealth seems assured. Her half-sister, ...Read Review

Soul Catcher

By Michael White - Published 2007



Dark, wounded hero Augustus Cain, Mexican War veteran and son of a Virginia planter, wakes in a whore’s bed and a laudanum ...Read Review

Measuring the World

By Carol Brown Janeway (trans.) - By Daniel Kehlmann - Published 2007


AdventureBiographical FictionLiterary

On a prosaic level—and this novel is anything but prosaic—this is the story of two contrasting figures of the German Enlightenment. ...Read Review

The Tyrants

By Clive Foss - Published 2006



This large-format hardback is an anthology of fifty of the most autocratic leaders the world has known. All the usual suspects are here. ...Read Review

Measuring the World

By Daniel Kehlmann (trans. Carol Brown Janeway) - Published 2006 (US)Published 2007 (UK)


Biographical Fiction

With its lively translation, Daniel Kehlmann’s Measuring the World tells the parallel stories of two scientists who were child prodigies, Alexander von ...Read Review

The Tenderness of Wolves

By Stef Penney - Published 2006



If I had to review this book in six words, it would be “Stop everything and read this novel.” It is set in ...Read Review

Days That Changed The World: The 50 Defining Events of World History

By Hywel Williams - Published 2006



Ask a dozen historians to list the fifty defining events of world history and you will get at least a dozen different answers.                 ...Read Review

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