Poolbeg Press

The Piano Player

By Maybelle Wallis - Published 2022


The Piano Player is a thoroughly researched and impressive Irish novel from Poolbeg Press, which always publishes quality novels. It is cleverly plotted, ...Read Review

A Perfect Copy

By Derville Murphy - Published 2022


In present-day Dublin, problems arise at an auction sale when two strangers, Daisy Staunton and Ben Tarrant, both want to sell identical portraits ...Read Review

If Only She Knew

By Derville Murphy - Published 2021


Dublin, 1872: Julia Benson, an attractive and talented artist and photographer from a Unionist family, is in love with Donal O’Keefe. Though she ...Read Review

Heart of Cruelty: Gothic Secrets in Victorian Birmingham

By Maybelle Wallis - Published 2020


Birmingham, 1840: Heart of Cruelty opens in a workhouse, where two girls are punished by being made to crush slaughterhouse bones, a scene described ...Read Review