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Hornblower and the Journey Home

By James Keffer - Published 2021



Napoleon Bonaparte died in exile on the British island of St. Helena in 1821. Almost twenty years later, France transported Napoleon’s remains back ...Read Review

The King’s Corpse

By M.J. Jones - Published 2021



Anglo-Saxon England, 979 CE. Tryff, a disreputable (albeit nobly born) Welshman, is ordered by the abbess, to whom he has sworn service, to find ...Read Review

Through Forests and Mountains

By Margaret Walker - Published 2021


This World War II narrative set in Yugoslavia brings another perspective to the war. When the surrounding eastern European countries capitulate to Hitler, ...Read Review

Queen of Blood

By Sarah Kennedy - Published 2021


Novelist, poet, and Professor of English at Mary Baldwin University, award-winning scholar Kennedy sets her The Cross and The Crown series in Tudor ...Read Review

A Congress of Kings

By James Boschert - Published 2021



Cyprus, 1191. The year falls in the middle of the Third Crusade, in which European Christians descend on the Holy Land, and fight Muslim ...Read Review

The Last Blast of the Trumpet

By Marie MacPherson - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

This third and final volume in the novelization of the life of John Knox takes the Scottish reformer from his return to his ...Read Review

Raider of The Scottish Coast

By Marc Liebman - Published 2020



This Age of Sail novel follows Jaco Jacinto of the Continental Navy, and Darren Smythe, Royal Navy, who start as midshipmen. The story ...Read Review

The Girl Who Was Me Is Gone

By Michael Brown - Published 2020



Brown, a former film- and screenwriter, has created a vivid, electric, action-packed novel. He exposes a little-known period of 17th-century Irish history: when ...Read Review

In Northern Seas (Alexander Clay)

By Philip K. Allan - Published 2019



1801: The long war against Napoleon rages across land and sea.  Alexander Clay, captain of the new Royal Navy frigate Griffin, is ordered to ...Read Review

His Most Italian City

By Margaret Walker - Published 2019



Trieste is the city in question, but the smaller Adriatic city of Cittanova also figures prominently in this 1928-set historical novel. Mussolini wants ...Read Review