A Reckoning

By Linda Spalding - Published 2018



In Spalding’s excellent fifth novel (after The Purchase, 2013), John, a white man, and Bry, a black man, struggle with the onus of ...Read Review

A Boy in Winter

By Rachel Seiffert - Published 2017



A small, unnamed town in Ukraine on the periphery of extensive marshlands in the autumn of 1941 is under German occupation. One foggy morning, ...Read Review

Lenin the Dictator: An Intimate Portrait

By Victor Sebestyen - Published 2017



When I first saw this door-stopper of a biography I reached for my diary to search out a good stretch of time in ...Read Review

There Your Heart Lies

By Mary Gordon - Published 2017



In 1937, a year into the Spanish Civil War, New Yorkers Marian and Russell are on board the SS Normandie on their way to ...Read Review

War and Turpentine

By David McKay (trans.) - By Stefan Hertmans - Published 2016


Biographical FictionLiterary

Classified as fiction, this fascinating book seems to be a hybrid of memoir, biography and fiction. The author’s subject is his grandfather, ...Read Review

The Stargazer’s Sister

By Carrie Brown - Published 2016


Biographical Fiction

Carrie Brown’s seventh novel, The Stargazer’s Sister, is the richly-told tale of Caroline Herschel, sister of the famous astronomer, William Herschel, ...Read Review

Carry Me

By Peter Behrens - Published 2016



Before the First World War, young Billy Lange is captivated by a family friend, Karin Weinbrenner. In the novel’s opening lines, he ...Read Review

The Dust that Falls from Dreams

By Louis de Bernières - Published 2015



The beginning of the novel is somewhat ominously familiar: a perfect English setting in the early years of the 20th century, which is ...Read Review

The Empire of the Senses

By Alexis Landau - Published 2015


The years leading up to World War II provide the setting for this powerful, engrossing debut novel exploring themes of duty and love, ...Read Review

How to Be Both

By Ali Smith - Published 2014


This unusual novel is memorable as well as lyrical. Smith tells the story of a Renaissance artist and a 21st-century teenager who find ...Read Review

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