Mary Toft; or, The Rabbit Queen: A Novel

By Dexter Palmer - Published 2019


Popular 18th-century medical theory espouses the idea that a woman’s mind – what she sees and what her thoughts dwell upon – can have ...Read Review

A Reckoning

By Linda Spalding - Published 2018



In Spalding’s excellent fifth novel (after The Purchase, 2013), John, a white man, and Bry, a black man, struggle with the onus of ...Read Review

A Boy in Winter

By Rachel Seiffert - Published 2017



A small, unnamed town in Ukraine on the periphery of extensive marshlands in the autumn of 1941 is under German occupation. One foggy morning, ...Read Review

Lenin the Dictator: An Intimate Portrait

By Victor Sebestyen - Published 2017



When I first saw this door-stopper of a biography I reached for my diary to search out a good stretch of time in ...Read Review

There Your Heart Lies

By Mary Gordon - Published 2017



In 1937, a year into the Spanish Civil War, New Yorkers Marian and Russell are on board the SS Normandie on their way to ...Read Review

War and Turpentine

By David McKay (trans.) - By Stefan Hertmans - Published 2016


Biographical FictionLiterary

Classified as fiction, this fascinating book seems to be a hybrid of memoir, biography and fiction. The author’s subject is his grandfather, ...Read Review

The Stargazer’s Sister

By Carrie Brown - Published 2016


Biographical Fiction

Carrie Brown’s seventh novel, The Stargazer’s Sister, is the richly-told tale of Caroline Herschel, sister of the famous astronomer, William Herschel, ...Read Review

Carry Me

By Peter Behrens - Published 2016



Before the First World War, young Billy Lange is captivated by a family friend, Karin Weinbrenner. In the novel’s opening lines, he ...Read Review

The Dust that Falls from Dreams

By Louis de Bernières - Published 2015



The beginning of the novel is somewhat ominously familiar: a perfect English setting in the early years of the 20th century, which is ...Read Review

The Empire of the Senses

By Alexis Landau - Published 2015


The years leading up to World War II provide the setting for this powerful, engrossing debut novel exploring themes of duty and love, ...Read Review

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