Wartime Friends

By Margaret Dickinson - Published 2022



1938. Fears of war are prevalent. Eighteen-year-old Carolyn lives on a farm on the Lincolnshire coast with her parents and fifteen-year-old brother, Tom. Carolyn’...Read Review

Secrets of the Chocolate Girls

By Annie Murray - Published 2022



Birmingham, autumn 1940. Nightly air-raids are something Ann Gilby must get used to. A nurse during WWI and former Cadbury factory employee, Ann uses ...Read Review

The Woolworths Saturday Girls

By Elaine Everest - Published 2022



1950. The war is over, but rationing is still in place as the original Woolworths girls Sarah and Freda tackle the responsibilities of promotion ...Read Review

The Redemption of Philip Thane (Penhallow Dynasty, 6)

By Lisa Berne - Published 2021



In this novel set in the English countryside in 1819, Philip Thane is up to no good. He is, of course, broke. When he ...Read Review

The Secrets of the Lake

By Liz Trenow - Published 2021


In 2019, 84-year-old Molly Goddard is forced to turn her memories back to the time when she, her father, and brother Jimmy first arrived ...Read Review

Secrets at Bletchley Park

By Margaret Dickinson - Published 2021


Secrets at Bletchley Park follows the lives of two very different women from the 1930s to the Second World War. Mattie, living in ...Read Review

The Rose Garden

By Tracy Rees - Published 2021


London 1895: when her mother dies and her father falls into drunken misery, Mabs becomes the chief breadwinner of her poor East End family. ...Read Review

The Girl from the Tanner’s Yard

By Diane Allen - Published 2020



Flirtatious tanner’s daughter Lucy Bancroft aspires to something better than the grinding drudgery her mother endures, raising too many children with little ...Read Review

The Sun Sister (The Seven Sisters)

By Lucinda Riley - Published 2020


Lucinda Riley returns with the sixth installment of her Seven Sisters series. In The Sun Sister, the reader finally learns about the enigmatic ...Read Review

The Summer Queen

By Margaret Pemberton - Published 2019



British and European royalty buffs will revel in this book, in which the lives of Queen Victoria’s large clan of descendants are ...Read Review

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