The Inheritor’s Powder: A Cautionary Tale of Poison, Betrayal and Greed

By Sandra Hempel - Published 2013



In 1833, in the village of Plumstead, elderly George Bodle, along with all those in his household, falls ill immediately after breakfast. While others ...Read Review

Repast: Dining Out at the Dawn of the New American Century 1900-1910

By Lisa Stoffer - By Michael Lesy - Published 2013



One of my favorite digital galleries on the New York Public Library website has always been the Buttolph Menu Collection. Containing menus from ...Read Review


By Lucy Lethbridge - Published 2013



As the popularity of Downton Abbey testifies, there is an insatiable appetite for the life of the great English country house, not just ...Read Review

On the Ropes

By Dan E. Burr - By James Vance - Published 2013


In this follow-up to the graphic novel Kings in Disguise, the authors again, in graphic novel format, present the dire circumstances of Fred ...Read Review

Helga’s Diary

By Helga Weiss - By Neil Bermel (trans.) - Published 2013



Having read only a small amount about Terezin, a ghetto/concentration camp where many Jews spent time during the war, I was intrigued ...Read Review

The Gods of Heavenly Punishment

By Jennifer Cody Epstein - Published 2013



World War II has fostered many poignant stories about the destruction, pain, and love that bind together those who shared the horrors of ...Read Review

The Obituary Writer

By Ann Hood - Published 2013



Claire, Peter and Kathy are a typical family in 1960s America, obsessed with burgeoning success, the incoming President, John F. Kennedy, and his ...Read Review

Merivel: A Man of His Time

By Rose Tremain - Published 2012Published 2013


This is a sequel to Tremain’s 1989 novel, Restoration, which was a memoir of Sir Robert Merivel, physician, bon-viveur, friend of Charles II ...Read Review

White Truffles in Winter

By N.M. Kelby - Published 2011Published 2012


Biographical Fiction

As his life draws to its close, the legendary Auguste Escoffier, whose recipes and system for running a kitchen form the foundation of ...Read Review

The Land at the End of the World

By Antonio Lobo Antunes - By Margaret Jull Costa (trans.) - Published 2012


Biographical FictionLiteraryMilitary

Dr. Antonio Lobo Antunes served in the Portuguese army from 1971-1973 as a medic in Angola’s war for independence. The Land at ...Read Review