Moonshine Cove Publishing

Wolf of Clontarf

By Thomas J. Howley - Published 2020



Thomas J. Howley brings the Irish hero, Wolf the Quarrelsome, to life in the medieval Nordic saga, Wolf of Clontarf. The tale begins ...Read Review

Arise Crusader: Book I of the Lotharingian Chronicles

By Val Jensen II - Published 2018



1096 France: young ploughman Anseau of Valois’ rustic but comfortable life is ripped asunder when it becomes known that he loves a local Jewish ...Read Review

Arrius: Volume III, Enemy of Rome

By Preston Holtry - Published 2019



This third novel in the Arrius trilogy finds the Romans expanding northwards into Scotland from Hadrian’s Wall. Arrius, once a career Roman ...Read Review

Lily’s Home Front

By Hillary Tiefer - Published 2018


Lily is a young Jewish girl living in Oregon during World War II. To help with the war effort, she works as a ...Read Review

ARRIUS Volume 2: Legacy

By Preston Holtry - Published 2018



This second volume of the Arrius saga follows the pattern of Volume 1. Arrius is now military commander of an outpost of Rome in ...Read Review