MIRA Australia

The Codebreakers

By Alli Sinclair - Published 2021



In 1943, Ellie Sullivan is already doing her bit for the war effort servicing aircraft for Qantas when she is approached to work for ...Read Review

The Locksmith’s Daughter

By Karen Brooks - Published 2016Published 2018


Mallory Bright, the titular locksmith’s daughter, is trying to restore her reputation, which she ruined by running away with a man who ...Read Review

Mistress to the Crown

By Isolde Martyn - Published 2013


Mistress Elizabeth Shore is all that a royal mistress should be, and way more! Getting a taste of what the upper class is ...Read Review

Forbidden Frontier

By Zana Bell - Published 2008


AdventureBiographical Fiction

Charlotte Badger is a heroine of a type I’ve not encountered before. A strapping, self-reliant, and clever woman, Charlotte’s not above ...Read Review