Mercer Univ. Press

Cardinal Hill

By Mary Anna Bryan - Published 2016


Cardinal Hill is a thoughtful coming-of-age novel set in the Deep South in the 1930s and ´40s. Margaret Norman barely remembers her mother, ...Read Review


By Ashley Mace Havird - Published 2016


“It seemed as if the things I’d witnessed—Brad and Brenda, those bullies, trying to pick a fight at the drugstore sit-in, ...Read Review

In Pursuit

By Sharman Burson Ramsey - Published 2013


Joie Kinkaid is astounded to see Godfrey Winkel in a London café. Godfrey had sneered at the “half-breed” girl back in Alabama, but ...Read Review

Mother of Rain

By Karen Spears Zacharias - Published 2013



Mother of Rain tells the story of Maizee Hurd, a young woman beset by many problems: she loses her mother when she’s ...Read Review