Mariner Books

An Unlasting Home

By Mai Al-Nakib - Published 2022


In 2013, Sara Al-Ameed, a philosophy professor at Kuwait University, is accused of blasphemy and arrested. Eleven years ago, Sara had returned home from ...Read Review

How to Find Your Way in the Dark

By Derek B. Miller - Published 2022


As the Second World War looms, a young Jewish boy in the United States, Sheldon Horowitz, loses both his parents, one after the ...Read Review

The Midnight Hour (The Brighton Mysteries)

By Elly Griffiths - Published 2021



England 1965. Nonagenarian ex-impresario Bert Billington is found poisoned at his retirement home, and in classic who-done-it style, there are enough faces in the ...Read Review

The Undertakers (A Murder & Magic Novel)

By Nicole Glover - Published 2021


Historical FantasyMystery/Crime

The Undertakers is book two in Glover’s Black speculative fiction Murder and Magic series. Set with vivid historical detail in post-Civil War ...Read Review

Miss Kopp Investigates (A Kopp Sisters Novel)

By Amy Stewart - Published 2021



In this charming seventh volume in the Kopp Sisters series, Amy Stewart tells the story of three unmarried sisters living in New Jersey ...Read Review

When Two Feathers Fell from the Sky

By Margaret Verble - Published 2021



Two Feathers, commonly referred to simply as Two, is a horse-diver in a 1920s zoo and family entertainment park at Glendale in Nashville. ...Read Review

Dear Miss Kopp

By Amy Stewart - Published 2021


Epistolary novels, perfected in an earlier century, can be daunting. Readers must try to piece together events from the pens of various characters ...Read Review

The Council of Twelve (A Hangman’s Daughter Tale)

By Lisa Reinhardt (trans.) - By Oliver Pötzsch - Published 2018



Oliver Pötzsch weaves a riveting, historical thriller against the backdrop of 1672 Bavaria. Hangman Jakob Kuisl’s family is swept into political intrigue, ...Read Review

The Black Notebook

By Mark Polizzotti (trans.) - By Patrick Modiano - Published 2016Published 2016-09-27Published 2017


Years after, the black notebook he kept of his life in 1960s Paris helps a writer put sinister, even violent, events of the ...Read Review

Our Fathers

By Andrew O’Hagan - Published 2001Published 2001-01-01



This beautiful story set in post WWII Scotland is about the “coming of age” of Jamie, a young boy growing up with an ...Read Review