Lake Union

Before the Rain Falls

By Camille Di Maio - Published 2017


In this satisfying romantic mystery, three strangers with radically different goals find commonality in a small town at the southern tip of Texas. ...Read Review

A More Perfect Union

By Jodi Daynard - Published 2017


Johnny Watkins and his mother arrive in America from Barbados. While they set their hopes high, there is a constant shadow casting fear ...Read Review

Show Me A Kindness

By Nancy Brandon - Published 2017


In South Georgia during the Great Depression, a young woman with a troubled life steps off the train in Vidalia. Making a new ...Read Review

Beneath a Scarlet Sky

By Mark T. Sullivan - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

In 1943, 17-year-old Pino Lella strolls along the streets of Milan, Italy. Outside a bakery, he meets the beautiful Anna. He pesters her for ...Read Review

The Girl from the Tea Garden

By Janet MacLeod Trotter - Published 2016



This third book in the India Tea Series explores the life of Adela Robson, daughter to Clarrie and Wesley (from Book 1). While reading ...Read Review

Daughter of a Thousand Years

By Amalia Carosella - Published 2017


This dual-timeline novel follows the stories of two women: Freydis, daughter of Erik the Red in early 11th-century Iceland; and Emma Moretti, modern ...Read Review

Berlin Calling

By Kelly Durham - Published 2017


In 1938 Berlin, Irish-American Maggie O’Shea falls in love with a German soldier, and into a job at an English-language radio station. As ...Read Review

The Saturday Evening Girls Club

By Jane Healey - Published 2017



The Saturday Evening Girls Club, a real organization in Boston’s North End in the early 1900s, was set up by progressive reformers ...Read Review

It Is Well

By James D. Shipman - Published 2016


In 1939 in a cemetery in Snohomish, Washington, Jonathan Beecher stands mournfully at the burial of his wife, who has died of cancer at 38. ...Read Review

A Drop of Ink

By Megan Chance - Published 2017


In 1874, two American sisters, Adelaide and Louisa Wentworth, together with Adelaide’s lover, the atheist poet Julian Estes, flee from scandal and arrive ...Read Review