Lake Union

One Brilliant Flame

By Joy Castro - Published 2023


Between 1886 and 1898, Key West, Florida, is a bustling city primarily because of its prodigious cigar business. The small island is also home to ...Read Review

The Last Love Letters of Henri Fournier

By Rosalind Brackenbury - Published 2018


Henri Fournier is pondering his life with a woman named Pauline as he travels by train to begin his military role in WWI ...Read Review

Beautiful Exiles

By Meg Waite Clayton - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

Although other stories of Ernest Hemingway abound, this tale told in first-person narrative by wife number three, Martha Gellhorn, explores her life as ...Read Review

The Storyteller’s Secret

By Sejal Badani - Published 2018


In 2000, Jaya, a thirty-something New York journalist, boards a plane for India. She has recently miscarried for the third time, and her husband ...Read Review

On a Cold Dark Sea

By Elizabeth Blackwell - Published 2018


This story is told from three different viewpoints as three very different women wind up in Lifeboat 21 as the Titanic sinks. Charlotte Digby, ...Read Review

Hearts of Resistance

By Soraya M. Lane - Published 2018


During WWII, three women fight against the Nazi occupation of France and their numerous personal conflicts. Hazel, a Special Operations Executive (SOE) spy, ...Read Review

The Secret Life of Mrs. London

By Rebecca Rosenberg - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

The Secret Life of Mrs. London, Rebecca Rosenberg’s debut novel, is set in San Francisco in 1915 on the brink of World War ...Read Review

The Way of Beauty

By Camille Di Maio - Published 2018



The Way of Beauty is a charming multi-generational love story, but it is more than that: it is a story of family, love ...Read Review

Mustard Seed

By Laila Ibrahim - Published 2017



The US Civil War is over, but in 1868 its aftereffects are still keenly felt. When Lisbeth Johnson is called back from Ohio to ...Read Review

Whisper of the Moon Moth

By Lindsay Jayne Ashford - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

Whisper of the Moon Moth is an enchanting tale of a starlet’s rise to fame in Hollywood from humble and obscure beginnings, ...Read Review

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