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In the Far Pashmina Mountains

By Janet MacLeod Trotter - Published 2018


In 1810, a North Sea storm affects two lives. Alice is born in a Northumberland lighthouse and abandoned by her mother. On the Isle ...Read Review

The Lines We Leave Behind

By Eliza Graham - Published 2018


The Lines We Leave Behind tells a rare story, that of a female operative in Yugoslavia during World War II. She tells her ...Read Review

Girls on the Line

By Aimie K. Runyan - Published 2018


Girls on the Line brings to light the World War I Hello Girls. These American women served in the U.S. army as ...Read Review

The Ragged Edge of Night

By Olivia Hawker - Published 2018


In 1942 Germany, the Nazis force Anton Starzmann, a former Franciscan monk, to leave his monastery and return to the life of a layperson. ...Read Review

The Beantown Girls

By Jane Healey - Published 2019


Jane Healey’s latest book is about the World War II Red Cross Clubmobile Girls, who risked their lives to boost the morale ...Read Review

The Mountain (The Valley Trilogy)

By Helen Bryan - Published 2018



This second novel in Helen Bryan’s Valley Trilogy begins in 1783 with some time overlap with the first in the series, The Valley, ...Read Review

The Impossible Girl

By Lydia Kang - Published 2018



1850. Jacob has many secrets. For one, Jacob is really a girl named Cora. The other secret was discovered at birth when the doctor ...Read Review

A Girl Divided

By Ellen Lindseth - Published 2018



In 1942, Eugenia Baker is a 22-year-old woman who lives with her missionary father in rural China. Genie has always lived in China, and ...Read Review

Girls of the Great War

By Freda Lightfoot - Published 2018



At the end of this book I was reminded of Thelma Ritter’s classic line in All About Eve: “What a story! Everything ...Read Review

The Ocean Liner

By Marius Gabriel - Published 2018



When American liner SS Manhattan sets sail for New York from war-torn Europe in 1939, it is crammed with refugees and returning Americans. Jewish ...Read Review