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The Bootlegger’s Daughter

By Nadine Nettmann - Published 2024



After being abandoned by her father, Letty and her mother struggle through hard times in the rural San Fernando Valley during 1920s Prohibition ...Read Review

The Devil and Mrs. Davenport

By Paulette Kennedy - Published 2024



Missouri, 1955. A young girl, Darcy, is missing, which is disturbing enough, but then Loretta Davenport begins seeing disturbing visions of the girl’s ...Read Review

When the World Goes Quiet

By Gian Sardar - Published 2024


“There was nothing the wind couldn’t do. It was alive and angry and eager,” recalls Evelien, when she’d heard it whilst ...Read Review

The Measure of Silence

By Elizabeth Langston - Published 2023


When President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, it changed lives across America. Langston uses this seminal moment as her starting point for a ...Read Review

A Storm of Infinite Beauty

By Julianne MacLean - Published 2023


In March 1964, a terrible earthquake hit Valdez, Alaska, causing devastation and loss of life. The psychological reverberations from this disaster carried on for ...Read Review

October in the Earth

By Olivia Hawker - Published 2023


When Del runs away from her husband, a snake-handling preacher whose behavior makes the reader want to root for the snake, she hops ...Read Review

The Village Healer’s Book of Cures

By Jennifer Sherman Roberts - Published 2023



England, 1646. Mary Fawcett, widow and caregiver for her eight-year-old brother, provides healing recipes for her village. Mysteriously, she is also able to feel ...Read Review

When We Were Enemies

By Emily Bleeker - Published 2023



PR agent Elise comes from Hollywood royalty. Her mother and grandmother are megastars, yet the limelight has never held any allure for her. ...Read Review

A Real Somebody

By Deryn Collier - Published 2023


June works in the typing pool of McAulay Advertising in downtown Montreal in 1947. Following WWII, her father is unable to find work, and ...Read Review

The Cypress Maze

By Fiona Valpy - Published 2023


The Cypress Maze is an intensely moving dual-timeline novel set in World War II and 2015, at a lovely villa in Tuscany. In 2015, Tess ...Read Review

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