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This Terrible Beauty: A Novel

By Katrin Schumann - Published 2020


Set on the East German island of Rügen, due north of Berlin by 180 miles, is a story of love and betrayal, courage ...Read Review

The Dressmaker’s Gift

By Fiona Valpy - Published 2019


In 2017, Englishwoman Harriet, a recent business graduate, is in Paris. She works as an intern for a fashion PR agency, but she’s ...Read Review

The Emerald Affair (The Raj Hotel)

By Janet MacLeod Trotter - Published 2020


This first book in the Raj Hotel series tells of four friends from Scotland, Esmie, Lydia, Tom, and Harold, who move to India ...Read Review

In a Field of Blue: A Novel

By Gemma Liviero - Published 2020


Rudy Watts and his mother live in England’s Lake District at the family home, Lakeland Manor. It is 1922, his oldest brother Edgar ...Read Review

The Companion

By Kim Taylor Blakemore - Published 2020



“Count the bodies. One. Two. Three if we count Mary Dawson. Four if we count my Ned…” Thus begins this atmospheric, gothic novel ...Read Review

Above the Bay of Angels

By Rhys Bowen - Published 2020


When Isabella Waverly enters service at fifteen to support her younger sister, she knows she will never regain the affluent status her family ...Read Review

The Girls of Pearl Harbor

By Soraya M. Lane - Published 2019



In 1942, the world was coming undone, thrown asunder by the mounting tensions of World War II. Soraya Lane pulls from this era a ...Read Review

A Transcontinental Affair

By Jodi Daynard - Published 2019


A Transcontinental Affair takes a winning premise – the first coast-to-coast railroad journey in 1870 aboard the Pullman Hotel Express – and runs it off the ...Read Review

Light in the Shadows

By Andy Stone - By Linda Lafferty - Published 2019


When an Italian priest finds a painting that he believes to be a lost painting by the infamous 16th/17th century painter, Michelangelo ...Read Review

Mercy Road

By Ann Howard Creel - Published 2019


When a devastating fire destroys her home, killing her father, Arlene Favier is forced to support her family. The pampered daughter of a ...Read Review

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