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The Storyteller of Casablanca

By Fiona Valpy - Published 2021


In 1941, thirteen-year-old Josie, her sister, and parents, fearing Nazi atrocities on Jewish families, flee Paris for the relative safety of Vichy France in ...Read Review

The Girls in the Attic

By Marius Gabriel - Published 2021



Max Wolff, a staunch Nazi officer, has arrived home on medical leave from the Russian front to discover that his mother, Magda, is ...Read Review

The Secrets We Left Behind

By Soraya M. Lane - Published 2021



World War II did not start out well for the Allied forces. In Europe the Germans were on the attack. As Soraya M. ...Read Review

What’s Left Unsaid

By Emily Bleeker - Published 2021


Just in time for the beach, this book has it all: a troubled heroine, a mystery based on a true story, romantic entanglements, ...Read Review

What Passes as Love

By Trisha R. Thomas - Published 2021


Life on the Holt plantation, in 1860, is easier for Dahlia Holt than most. The enslaved daughter of owner Lewis Holt, she passes for ...Read Review

The Last Green Valley

By Mark Sullivan - Published 2021


It’s a question of survival in 1944 as Emil and Adeline Martel forge west with their two young sons, fleeing Stalin under the ...Read Review

The Secret Stealers

By Jane Healey - Published 2021


Recently widowed Anna Cavanaugh takes a job with the OSS in Washington, DC, becoming assistant to General William Donovan, Roosevelt’s right-hand man. ...Read Review

A Splendid Ruin

By Megan Chance - Published 2020


Set shortly before the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, this highly recommended and immersive novel reminds us to be careful what we wish for. Arriving ...Read Review

You Let Me Go

By Eliza Graham - Published 2021


The title of this combination of historical fiction and modern mystery reflects the confusion of Morie, the protagonist, who is angry because her ...Read Review

The Venice Sketchbook

By Rhys Bowen - Published 2021


Bowen’s vivid storytelling style holds readers enrapt. Caroline inherits her beloved great-aunt Juliet’s sketchbook, three keys, and hears her final whisper, “...Read Review

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