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My Best Friend Was Angela Bennett

By Suzanne L. Hillier - Published 2021



In this novel, at times emotionally charged and physically graphic, the reader is drawn into the lives of two female friends as they ...Read Review

Dancing With Chairs in the Music House

By Caro Soles - Published 2020


Ten-year-old Vanessa, the narrator of this novel, is moving to the Music House with her family, as they have been evicted from their ...Read Review

Filthy Sugar

By Heather Babcock - Published 2020


It is the 1930s, and Wanda Whittle’s father has passed away. She lives behind the marketplace with her mother and sister and ...Read Review

Mina’s Child

By Paul Butler - Published 2020


In 1920, young Abree Harker, a student at King’s College, tries to find her way as a new woman in a new era. ...Read Review

La Brigantessa

By Rosanna Micelotta Battigelli - Published 2018


In the aftermath of the Unification of Italy, two narrative streams intersect in the rugged beauty of the Calabrian mountains. Gabriella, a poor ...Read Review