The Murder Pit (An Arrowood Mystery)

By Mick Finlay - Published 2019



London, 1896: Private detective William Arrowood detests his famous contemporary, Sherlock Holmes. Unlike the upper-class society that favors Holmes, Arrowood’s turf is the ...Read Review

The Drowned Village

By Kathleen McGurl - Published 2018



Kathleen McGurl is fast establishing herself as a master of the multi-period novel in which a mystery from the past has implications for ...Read Review

The Woman in the Lake

By Nicola Cornick - Published 2019



Despite the title, the real subject of this engrossing novel is the spectacular golden gown that travels between two worlds: 1763 England, where Lady ...Read Review

The Evacuee Summer

By Katie King - Published 2018


In 1940 many children were sent away from London to escape the German bombing, and Katie King’s Evacuee series reflects this. This book ...Read Review

Queen of the North

By Anne O’Brien - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

Queen of the North tells the story of Elizabeth Mortimer, wife of Henry Percy (known to history – and Shakespeare fans – as Hotspur). Set ...Read Review


By Noel O’Reilly - Published 2018


The action of this book takes place “ten years after the French wars or thereabouts”. It is set in Cornwall at a time ...Read Review

Ill Will: The Untold Story of Heathcliff

By Michael Stewart - Published 2018


What happened to Heathcliff after he left Wuthering Heights in Emily Brontë’s novel, only to return three years later, a well-dressed, educated ...Read Review

Peace in My Heart

By Freda Lightfoot - Published 2017


Manchester, 1945. The war has ended, but there are more troubles ahead for Evie Talbert. Like so many women of the time, she has ...Read Review

The Artist’s Muse

By Kerry Postle - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

Vienna, 1907. At age twelve, the fatherless Wally Neuzil finds herself in Vienna with her frail mother and two sisters. She is led to ...Read Review

The Secret of Summerhayes

By Merryn Allingham - Published 2017


When Canadian infantry officer Jos Kerrigan stumbles on a lost garden on the Summerhayes estate, where he is billeted, he feels a strange ...Read Review