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The Penny Heart

By Martine Bailey - Published 2015


Martine Bailey provides a traditional culinary recipe before each chapter. One caution, though: the ‘most effectual Hystericon for Women’ needs careful preparation, as ...Read Review

The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins

By Antonia Hodgson - Published 2015



The previous novel featuring Thomas Hawkins was The Devil in the Marshalsea, one of my books of the year in 2014. I could not ...Read Review

The Madagaskar Plan

By Guy Saville - Published 2015


Alternate HistoryThriller

1953.The Allies have capitulated after Dunkirk, and Hitler’s Reich covers half the planet. There has been no Holocaust, but six million Jews ...Read Review

The Good Italian

By Stephen Burke - Published 2015


Set in Eritrea in 1935, this novel is a riveting examination of colonialism, war, love, the power of conscience and race. It is hard ...Read Review

The Patriot Threat

By Steve Berry - Published 2015



This is a book on taxes! Only a lawyer would write a novel on taxes, and only Steve Berry could turn a book ...Read Review

The Bletchley Girls

By Tessa Dunlop - Published 2015



This is a collection of memories and experiences of fifteen women still alive in 2014 who worked in various capacities at Bletchley Park during ...Read Review

Deadly Election

By Lindsey Davis - Published 2015



Flavia Albia, originally from Britain, is the adopted daughter of Marcus Didius Falco, a well-known detective in ancient Rome. When a rotting corpse ...Read Review

At the Ruin of the World

By John Henry Clay - Published 2015



At the Ruin of the World is Clay’s second novel on the later Roman Empire, although his first, The Lion and the ...Read Review

Holy Spy

By Rory Clements - Published 2015



This is the seventh book in Clements’ John Shakespeare series. John is the fictional elder brother of Will Shakespeare, who often has a ...Read Review

Wolf Winter

By Cecilia Ekbäck - Published 2015



Strong, stoic Maija, wavering Paavo, and daughters Frederika and Dorotea leave their native Finland for Swedish Lapland in 1717, having traded homesteads with Paavo’...Read Review

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