Hodder & Stoughton

Poppy Silk

By Michael Taylor - Published 2003



Poppy Silk is the oldest daughter of a navvy, an itinerant labourer working on the railroads of England’s Black Country. With her ...Read Review

Music of a Life

By Andrei Makine - By Geoffrey Strachan (trans.) - Published 2002



In a crowded, dreary, and frigid train station somewhere in Siberia, the narrator whiles away the time musing over the nature of the “...Read Review

Whispers On The Water

By Audrey Howard - Published 2002



The only daughter of a working-class family in 1911 Liverpool, young Grace Tooley’s carefree life is brought to a halt when she falls ...Read Review

The Diary Of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life At Rose Red

By Joyce Reardon (ed.) - Published 2001Published 2002


This associational material to the Stephen King miniseries Rose Red is packaged as if it were the edited diary of Ellen Rimbauer, mistress ...Read Review