Hodder & Stoughton

Marie and Mary

By Nigel Tranter - Published 2004


Biographical Fiction

The author, who died in 2000 after publishing more than ninety historical novels about Scotland and Scots-related issues, revisits the stories of Marie of ...Read Review

Double Cross Blind

By Joel N. Ross - Published 2005



December 1, 1941, six days before the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor. The days are numbered for Sondegger, a Nazi spy trying to take down the ...Read Review

Garden of Beasts: A Novel of Berlin, 1936

By Jeffery Deaver - Published 2004



Berlin’s famous Tiergarten is translated as “Garden of Beasts,” and this play on words is a fitting title for a story based ...Read Review

The Islesman

By Nigel Tranter - Published 2003


Biographical FictionMilitary

           In the late 13th century, Angus Og MacDonald is brought up by his grandfather, the great Angus Mor, to be the future Lord ...Read Review

Poppy Silk

By Michael Taylor - Published 2003



Poppy Silk is the oldest daughter of a navvy, an itinerant labourer working on the railroads of England’s Black Country. With her ...Read Review

Music of a Life

By Andrei Makine - By Geoffrey Strachan (trans.) - Published 2002



In a crowded, dreary, and frigid train station somewhere in Siberia, the narrator whiles away the time musing over the nature of the “...Read Review

Whispers On The Water

By Audrey Howard - Published 2002



The only daughter of a working-class family in 1911 Liverpool, young Grace Tooley’s carefree life is brought to a halt when she falls ...Read Review

The Diary Of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life At Rose Red

By Joyce Reardon (ed.) - Published 2001Published 2002


This associational material to the Stephen King miniseries Rose Red is packaged as if it were the edited diary of Ellen Rimbauer, mistress ...Read Review