Headline Review

Sacred Treason

By James Forrester - Published 2012



This is the first volume in a trilogy of political thrillers set in Elizabethan England. The protagonist, William Harley, although a Catholic under ...Read Review

Wicked Pleasures

By Penny Vincenzi - Published 2006Published 2012



Praeger & Son banking company in New York City had been successful for many decades thanks to Frederick Praeger III, who brought the ...Read Review

The Thread

By Victoria Hislop - Published 2012


At the beginning of the 20th century, the Greek city of Thessaloniki was populated by a vibrant mixture of Jews, Muslims and Christians. ...Read Review

The Housemaid’s Daughter

By Barbara Mutch - Published 2012


Set in South Africa, this novel follows the lives of two women divided by colour yet united by friendship and shared love of ...Read Review

More Than You Know

By Penny Vincenzi - Published 2012


Eliza Clark expects more from her life than marriage and parenthood. In the early 1960s, careers are opening up for women, and class ...Read Review

The House of the Wind

By Titania Hardie - Published 2012


Readers of multi-period epics will relish this story. Hardie has skillfully blended the themes and settings of the 21st-century United States and 14th-century ...Read Review

The Berlin Crossing

By Kevin Brophy - Published 2012


In Brandenburg, in 1993, the deathbed urging of his mother spurs out-of-work teacher Michael Ritter to go in search of Pastor Bruck, who holds ...Read Review

The Snow Child

By Eowyn Ivey - Published 2012



This story opens in Alaska in 1920. The main characters, Mabel and Jack, are a childless middle-aged couple who have left the city to ...Read Review

Empress of the Seven Hills

By Kate Quinn - Published 2012


Kate Quinn returns with a gripping sequel to her bestselling debut Mistress of Rome. After the assassination of Emperor Domitian, Thea and Arius ...Read Review

Circle of Shadows

By Imogen Robertson - Published 2012Published 2013



Another instalment detailing the adventures of Harriet Westerman and Gabriel Crowther, an unlikely detective pairing which works in unusual ways, solving crimes others ...Read Review