Head of Zeus

Daughter of the Reich (US) / People Like Us (UK)

By Louise Fein - Published 2020


This story of star-crossed lovers in Leipzig, Germany during 1929-1939 begins with Hetty Heinrich as a child being rescued from drowning by her ...Read Review

Mortmain Hall

By Martin Edwards - Published 2020



Martin Edwards describes his book as a homage to the Golden Age of English detective fiction, which flourished in the inter-war years and ...Read Review

Cross of Fire (Master of War)

By David Gilman - Published 2020



Winter 1362. After years of campaigning, Thomas Blackstone, a common archer who was knighted at Crecy, has risen to become Edward III’s Master ...Read Review

The Girl from the Corner Shop

By Alrene Hughes - Published 2019



This sweet historical romance is set in wartime Manchester. Newlywed Helen Harrison’s firefighter husband Jim has been killed during a bombing raid’...Read Review

The Room of the Dead (A Betty Church Mystery)

By M.R.C. Kasasian - Published 2019



A woman police inspector in rural England in 1940 might seem the ultimate in radical feminism, but here all familiarity ends. Inspector Betty Church ...Read Review

Medici ~ Ascendancy (Masters of Florence)

By Matteo Strukul - Published 2019


Biographical FictionSaga

Florence, 1429. Giovanni de Medici is dying. His sons Cosimo and Lorenzo gather with the rest of the family at his bedside. The fate ...Read Review

The Animal Gazer

By Edgardo Franzosini - Published 2019


Biographical FictionLiterary

This is a prize-winning fictionalised biography of the sculptor Rembrandt Bugatti (1884-1916).  In his brief life Bugatti created over 300 bronzes, nearly all animal ...Read Review

A Sister’s Struggle

By Mary Gibson - Published 2019



A Sister’s Struggle is a family saga about life in east London in the 1930s.  It differs from many similar sagas in ...Read Review

Summer of Love

By Caro Fraser - Published 2020



I appreciate that it is often the publisher rather than the author who chooses the title for a book and for commercial rather ...Read Review

Outside the Gates of Eden

By Lewis Shiner - Published 2019



This is a long book, over 900 pages, but if like me you grew up listening to West Coast rock bands like The Grateful ...Read Review