Harvill Secker

A Rising Man

By Abir Mukherjee - Published 2016



Calcutta in 1919: Captain Sam Wyndham, a former Scotland Yard detective, has arrived in Calcutta to head up a new post in the police ...Read Review

Sudden Death

By Alvaro Enrigue - By Natasha Wimmer (trans.) - Published 2016


Historical FantasyLiterary

This is a novel which is gloriously and provocatively impossible to classify. If the author did not himself refer to it as a ...Read Review

The Dust that Falls from Dreams

By Louis de Bernières - Published 2015



The beginning of the novel is somewhat ominously familiar: a perfect English setting in the early years of the 20th century, which is ...Read Review

Little Aunt Crane

By Esther Tyldesley (trans.) - By Geling Yan - Published 2015



Following the defeat of Japan in 1945, sixteen-year-old Tatsuru flees the mass suicides of Japanese communities in Manchuria and is sold into slavery to ...Read Review

The Last Bookaneer

By Matthew Pearl - Published 2015



Matthew Pearl, author of The Dante Club, has created a unique literary adventure. For over a century, non-restrictive copyright laws have allowed the ...Read Review

We That Are Left

By Clare Clark - Published 2015


This is Clare Clark’s fifth novel – all have been historical tales reviewed by the HNS – and this is another engagingly narrated story. ...Read Review


By Anthea Bell (trans.) - By Julia Franck - Published 2014


This novel is mostly set in a West Berlin transit hostel in the late 1970s. The inmates, a motley group, have sought asylum ...Read Review

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

By Yuval Noah Harari - Published 2014 (UK)Published 2015 (US)



Occasionally there are books published which simply demand the reader to take a new look on life. This is one – the reader may ...Read Review

Back to Back

By Anthea Bell (trans.) - By Julia Franck - Published 2013



The German Democratic Republic (East Germany) in the late 1950s and early 1960s, and brother and sister Thomas and Ella are growing up ...Read Review

A Treacherous Paradise

By Henning Mankell - Published 2013


The famed author of the popular Kurt Wallender series takes a real-life historical tidbit and expands it into a meaty novel of colonialism, ...Read Review