Harvill Secker

Smoke and Ashes (Sam Wyndham)

By Abir Mukherjee - Published 2018Published 2019



The Christmas of 1921 is approaching in Calcutta, and Captain Sam Wyndham of the Imperial Police Force could hardly care less. A shell-shocked war ...Read Review

The Shadow Killer

By Arnaldur Indridason - By Victoria Cribb (trans.) - Published 2018



This is the sequel to last year’s The Shadow District, with both books set in Reykjavík, Iceland, during the Second World ...Read Review

The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock

By Imogen Hermes Gowar - Published 2018


Too many times I have read a book, very often by a first-time published writer, that has been stratospherically praised by the media, ...Read Review

Six Minutes in May: How Churchill Unexpectedly Became Prime Minister

By Nicholas Shakespeare - Published 2017



This is a fascinating, detailed account of the political issues which led to the British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain being replaced by Winston ...Read Review

A Necessary Evil

By Abir Mukherjee - Published 2017Published 2018



Calcutta, India, 1920. The British are trying to persuade the rulers of Indian royal houses to join the Chamber of Princes—an attempt at ...Read Review

The Traitor’s Niche

By Ismail Kadare - By John Hodgson (trans.) - Published 2017



The book opens at the heart of the Ottoman Empire. We are in a square in the ancient Imperial capital; and in this ...Read Review

The Comet Seekers

By Helen Sedgwick - Published 2016


This spellbinding debut novel encompasses the past, present and future of two unexpected lovers whose lives and relationships are intertwined with the passing ...Read Review

War and Turpentine

By David McKay (trans.) - By Stefan Hertmans - Published 2016


Biographical FictionLiterary

Classified as fiction, this fascinating book seems to be a hybrid of memoir, biography and fiction. The author’s subject is his grandfather, ...Read Review

A Rising Man

By Abir Mukherjee - Published 2016



Calcutta in 1919: Captain Sam Wyndham, a former Scotland Yard detective, has arrived in Calcutta to head up a new post in the police ...Read Review

Sudden Death

By Alvaro Enrigue - By Natasha Wimmer (trans.) - Published 2016



This is a novel which is gloriously and provocatively impossible to classify. If the author did not himself refer to it as a ...Read Review